Case Work – Zainab Hussein

I’m Zainab Hussein, and I’m honoured to stand with Shockat Adam, the Independent Candidate for Leicester South.

On 20th September 2017, I endured the darkest moment of my life when an Islamophobe viciously attacked me, running me over with his car not once, but twice, leaving me for dead.

Amidst the chaos and pain of undergoing what seemed like endless surgeries, Shockat’s unwavering support became my lifeline. I distinctly recall his visit to the hospital, where his presence brought solace and hope to my family and me during our darkest hours.

But Shockat’s support didn’t end there. Despite authorities initially dismissing the incident as a mere “collision,” Shockat tirelessly fought for justice, not only for me but for others in our community facing similar injustices. His relentless dedication to fairness and equality, coupled with his genuine compassion and integrity, convinces me that he is the perfect candidate to represent us in Parliament.

  • 29 March 2022
  • 18:00